Ethics Tuesday

1.  Are there any restrictions to how much a photo can be manipulated before it is placed in an ad?

No there are no restrictions to how much a photo can be manipulated before it is placed in an ad because the more photoshop an image is the more effective marketers think it will be. Ex. Mens health magazines want their cover picture to be very intense so they would try and edit their photos as much as possible to capture the consumer’s attention right away.


2. Do some media outlets (ex. National Geographic) have restrictions on photos they print in terms of editing?

Yes they have restrictions because they want consumers to get real images of what has been captured. National Geographic has been known for capturing pictures that are real and very clear to the viewer. Because of this, the editors try and do little editing to these photos to uphold their true photography.


3.  Has there ever been a lawsuit or legal action surrounding a manipulated photo?

Yes a lawsuit surrounding a manipulated photo has been a man who modeled for a lawsuit company that covered the 9/11 crash. After the model took pictures, the photo had been manipulated and doctored to make it look like he was there during 9/11. The model then threatened to sue the lawsuit company because it was considered “commercial misappropriation”.


4.  What is your opinion on images that are manipulated and published?

My opinion onimages that are manipulated and published is that sometimes there are limits to photo manipulation that are always crossed. I wish editors would reveal people who are real instead of photoshopped on their billboards to create a less self-consious environment for everyone.


~ by nicoolenguyen on October 22, 2013.

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